Loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea

Exquisite loose leaf tea online

Like to order loose leaf tea online? Then you’ve found the right place. In our shop you find exquisite blends like Speculaas tea (a Dutch name and Dutch treat), Apple pie tea, Stroopwafel tea (also Dutch) and lots more. Our tea consists of pure ingredients: real fruit and real herbs and spices. Our tea is exquisite because:

  • the blends are not aromatised. That means there is no undefined taste to your tea. All flavour comes naturally from the tea and its flavours.
  • our blends are unique. They are handmade and you won’t find them anywhere else.
  • the tea’s made with lots of love and you’ll definitely taste that.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea consists of complete tea leaves. This immediately makes it special. When you pour hot water over the leaves you will see them gently unfold into the full leaves they were after being picked ( read here how black tea is made and here how green tea is made).

Tea bags (as you mostly find them in the supermarket) contain low quality tea. They contain leaves that are broken.

When you brew whole leaves of tea, the leaves have more room to absorb the water and thus your cup of tea can absorb more vitamins and aroma from the tea.

Exquisite tea

Our tea is fresh. We select on quality and origin, so you are able to drink a delicious cup of special tea and the farmers also receive their fair share. 

Create your own tea

Do you have a specific blend in mind? Tea with just apple for example? Choose from more than 50 flavours in our online tea lab and create your own unique blend.

Loose leaf tea online

We’ve been online since 2015. Since then you’ve been able to choose from a number of packaging: a golden tin which will become an eye-catcher in your kitchen and a bag to refill the tin with.

Apple pie tea

We have a number of blends in our range that are based on Dutch treats: Apple pie tea, Speculaas tea and Stroopwafel tea. Curious?