You probably know them by now, those little cookie-crumbles that almost every website places on your computer.
Yes, we do this as well. We use them to help you have the best online tea-experience and put together the best and tastiest tea.

A simple example of how we use cookies: you don’t have to re-enter all your details next time you’re visiting and your shopping cart is also remembered, super convenient!

Opt out of cookies

You don’t longer want to accept cookies? The settings of all browsers can be set so that they’re not accepted. Instructions for adjusting the settings of the browser and blocking cookies can be found under ‘Help’ in the toolbar of most browsers.
There are a number of different cookies that are placed during your visit. We’ve listed them for you:

Functional cookies


Cookies are placed in order to make the link between the data recorded during your shopping session and the data in our database. These are deleted again at the end of the session. The information of the session is not shared with others.

Shopping cart

We use cookies to keep track of which tea you have put in your shopping cart.


We use cookies to determine whether you are logged in.


The cookies that are placed for analysis purposes are used to gain more insight into the behaviour of you and other visitors to our webshop so we can design a perfect user experience.
Google Analytics

Cookies are placed to gain insight into the behaviour of visitors of By doing this we try to improve your user experience on our website. The cookies come from Google Analytics (check the privacy statement of Google Analytics). The data is sent anonymously to Google.

Social media

Cookies are placed to make it possible for you to share fun content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. With the help of the cookies you can, if you are logged in to the social network, like and post content. Without the use of cookies, it is not possible to like our content via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media. We share anonymous data with third parties.