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Like to make your own tea blend? You can choose from six different types of teas and fifty flavours. When you’re happy with your blend, choose a fun wrapper and finish the tea with a unique name.

Read here in which three steps you can easily put together your own blend and here you can read about all the flavours you can add to your tea.

Our tea

All the teas you can create a blend with are chosen based on its origin and quality. We want your tea moment to be a real joy, and of course the best tea is indispensable to get that. This applies equally to all ingredients.


Would you like to compose a healthy blend?

Choose green or white tea, ginger, lemon, orange and ginseng. Tea is a perfect substitute for a glass of lemonade. It’s also possible to prepare many blends as iced tea.

Would you like a sweet blend?

Yummy! But your blend can also get too sweet. Therefore, do not add too many sweet flavours. Choose either caramel, candy or sprinkles. If you’d like to combine these flavors anyway, we’ll make sure that they are added in moderation so your tea will still taste perfect.

Help! Which taste suits me?

No idea where to start and which combination of flavours suits you best? We made a nice quiz for that. Discover here which flavour combinations suit you best.

Additional information

Additional information

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